Kalispell’s local Farmers Market

Farmer’s Market

Kalispell’s local Farmers Market

Farmer’s Market

One of the best things about Three Bears RV Park is that it is so close to the Farmer’s Market, that you can shop for what you need, and come back later.

That way you do not have to have a bunch of wasted food. Just because you are camping or RVing, doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy. Everyone still loves a good hot dog or hamburger when camping, but for long trips, you definitely need to get some fresh vegetables. Kalispell prides itself on farm-to-table ingredients that last!

Kalispell Farmer’s Market

The Kalispell Farmer’s Market has been up and running since 1974. One of the best things about the market is that not only do they have fresh vegetables, but also fresh meat, crafts, and art! They are open during the summer months and go from 9 am until 3 pm in the Flathead Community College parking lot. Looking for farm fresh ingredients or other arts and crafts but it’s fall? No worries, the farmer’s market moves indoors at the County Fairground for one last event in October! Check out the website today for more information on the Kalispell Farmer’s Market!

Whitefish Farmer’s Market

If you happen to be in Whitefish, Montana and need to pick up some vegetables or want to check out the amazing craftsmanship and vendors, head to the Whitefish Market. It is perfect, because the Kalispell one is open on Saturday’s, but Whitefish is open on Tuesday’s from 5-7:30 pm all summer long. The market starts at the north end of Central Ave downtown. They offer live music, prepared food and the freshest products in Whitefish. Check out the website today for more information on the Whitefish Farmer’s Market! 

Community and Farms

The feeling of community has been built in Kalispell for many years, and you can see this in the Farmer’s Market clearly. It is important to locals to share this event with not only other locals, but tourists as well. You will notice the vibe is very community driven and takes great pride in serving the people that have helped them grow their business. Kalispell is home to multiple generations of farmers, some for even twenty years! See how the locals live and experience a great community of people who value bringing farm-to-table ingredients to you and your families!

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