Ever wondered what it would be like, fishing in 750 lakes, or having 1500 miles of rivers and streams at your fingertips? Look no farther.

Glacier National Park in Montana has what you need! Grab your fishing pole, tackle and bait, and head to one of the many rivers, lakes, creeks Montana has to offer.

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Flathead River Fishing

The Flathead river is home to some of the most unique fish around. The native fist is the Westslope cutthroat trout, and they are completely unique to the Flathead River. The river is also home to some rainbow trout, lake trout, and whitefish. The river extends through the north and south of Flathead Lake which also has the same fishing opportunities.

Spring Creek Fishing

If you would rather stay close to camp, Three Bears RV Park has Spring Creek running right through the backside of it. It is a good place to also go fly fishing, because of the slower flow rates and water clarity. The creek runs into the Flathead River and has some of the same fish that anglers love!


Glacier National Park

There are over 750 lakes (Only 150 are actually named!) in Glacier National Park and approximately 1500 miles of rivers and streams.

Unlike some other parks in the United States, Glacier National Park does not require you to have a fishing license to fish in the park. You can fish in as many of the rivers and lakes and rivers you want. Lake MacDonald is good for fishing from the shore. There is a healthy amount of fish in the lake, so it is easier to fish from land.


Make sure to bring warm and waterproof/resistant clothes when heading out on the water. The weather in Montana can be unpredictable at times. Head over to Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply for all your shoe and clothing needs for fishing. Need tackle and bait? Head on down to Snappy’s for all your fishing needs! Even buy your Montana Fish and Wildlife License there.


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