Hiking in the Glacier National Park is just a short 30 minute drive from Three Bears. With over 700 miles of forest, lakes, and mountains to explore, it is a hikers paradise.

Hiking is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of Glacier National Park.  Even beginners can enjoy day hikes and see the mountains,  flowers, and the wildlife of Glacier.

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Hiking Trails

Hiking in Montana is unlike any other place in the world. The scenery and peacefulness you will experience is unmatched. If you’re not sure where to go, or you are a beginner, check out AllTrails to plan your next trip. You can filter out the trails you want based on your circumstances and location. Find easy trails for you and the kids to do together, even find trails that allow dogs. You can also track all of your hikes you do in the app while staying with us and exploring around Three Bears RV Park. You can get more information about hiking in Glacier through the Glacier National Park Conservatory.

Climate & Weather

One of the interesting things about Montana is the climate and weather. In the summer, the sun is out a lot longer than other places in the world, and in the winter, the sun is out a lot less than other places. Therefore, you might need to bring sunglasses and sunscreen with you if you’ll be out around 8 or 9 PM. You also might need a flashlight longer in the morning if you are out hiking. The weather can change pretty quickly all throughout the year and even in the summer it gets cold at night. Bring extra layers with you when you go hiking because it can be unpredictable.

When hiking it is important to prepare for these types of things, so that you stay safe, and enjoy all the peaceful landscapes Montana has to offer. The Continental Divide, although magical, can make for unpredictable weather. So be sure to check out the website for weather conditions before heading into the park. Check out the website today for more information about Glacier National Park.


Although the wildlife is probably the highlight of most people’s experience when hiking, it’s probably best not to get too close. Being prepared, much like anything else in the outdoors, is how you are going to stay safe and have an awesome time exploring. Therefore, hiking in groups, don’t wear headphones, and keep your dogs and children close by can help you stay safe. Hiking with children and dogs can be a wonderful experience, but making sure you have control and teach them about the dangers of wandering too far away is the key to success. Some hikers in the Montana area recommend bringing bear spray and bug spray to help avoid confrontation with dangerous bugs such as mosquitos, and deterring bears.


With the right gear, every season is hiking season! It is one of the most versatile outdoor recreational activities you can do. Too much snow? Bring snow shoes or x-country skis. Too hot? Bring lots of water and snacks! Preparing for all types of weather you might encounter in the wilderness is essential to hiking. Check out Rocky Mountain Outfitters for all your hiking, backpacking, and outdoor recreation needs. After you get your winter hiking gear, you can test it out at Three Bears RV Park where it is safe and close to town in case of an emergency.

Hiking in Glacier National Park
Hiking in Glacier National Park


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