Take a horseback riding guided tour through Glacier National Park

Horseback Riding

Take a horseback riding guided tour through Glacier National Park

Horseback Riding

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go horseback riding through the beautiful, scenic landscape of Montana?

Look no further, Glacier National Park is where you want to be. With Swan Mountain Outfitters, you get everything you want at one location, hence the riding packages and equipment.

Glacier National Park

Looking for a different way to explore Glacier National Park? Check out the beautiful scenery that it has to offer on horseback. Most noteworthy, are all the trails that Glacier has to offer and so many cool and interesting things to see along the way. Furthermore, you will see mountains that stretch on forever, lakes and rivers that seem to never end, and maybe even some wildlife if you’re lucky! Choose between many different packages with Swan Mountain Outfitters ranging from 1 hour to overnight camping and horseback riding. Most importantly, check out the website for weather conditions before you head up to Glacier National Park. Make sure you are prepared for whatever weather you might encounter.

Horseback Riding Packages

Are you a beginner and not sure about riding? No worries, Swan Mountain Outfitter has guides that will show you the way! They are the only horseback outfitter inside Glacier National Park and are also a family owned business and you know, we at Three Bears love family owned businesses. The riding packages they offer are sure to match your every want and need. Also, don’t worry if you don’t have any horseback riding equipment, Swan Mountain Outfitters has you covered!

Swan Mountain Outfitters also offer more than just horseback riding.  From ride and dine packages, ride and glide packages, and even a ride and raft packages you won’t be disappointed. The durations to choose range from one hour rides to even overnight rides. Believe it or not, they even offer horseback riding and white-water rafting trips that range from one to four days. So, grab some riding boots, a saddle, and we will see you out on the trails!  Check out their website for all their offerings, Swan Mountain Outfitters.


Finally, while shopping for horseback riding equipment might seem daunting, Swan Mountain Outfitters makes it a piece of cake. They are a no hassle, local business you are sure to love. Head on over to get all your riding needs. They have boots, saddles, clothes, and much more. They truly are your one stop shop for horseback riding and adventure.

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